5 appliances your office needs

5 appliances your office needs
Chances are, you spend nearly as much time at your job as you do at home.

Chances are you spend nearly as much time at your job as you do at home. While it is important that your workspace remains a professional environment, there are certain comforts of home that every office needs. Check out this list of four essential appliances you should keep at your 9-to-5. 

1. Coffee maker 
If you look forward to that burst of caffeine to get you out of bed in the morning, a coffee maker is a must-have appliance for your workspace. Overstock.com notes that since these come in a variety of sizes, you can purchase a personal one or gift a larger machine to your entire office. Most likely, your coworkers will thank you when they start to crash around 3 p.m. Lifehacker.com suggests getting a desktop mug warmer as well so you can nurse that cup of joe all day. 

2. Label maker 
Keep everything neat and organized with the help of this handy tool, recommends Lifehacker.com. Easily identify what everything is, from files and drawers to the sandwich you are storing in the communal refrigerator. 

3. Heating and cooling devices 
Since many office buildings crank the heat in the winter and blast the air conditioning in the summer, you definitely want something to make the temperature more comfortable. Try using small portable heaters – they are perfect for giving you an added bit of warmth when your workplace gets too chilly. If the heat is too much to take, personal fans make a great desk accessory. 

4. Noise cancelling headphones 
Air-n-water.com notes that noise level while working is usually a polarizing topic – some people need a little bit of music to be productive, while others excel in complete silence. Whatever side you are on, noise-cancelling headphones are a must. Music lovers will enjoy a clear, beautiful sound. Those who prefer a quiet environment will be able to block out the sound of everything around them, from their neighbor's typing to pesky street noises.

5. Paper shredder 
If you deal with important documents that contain sensitive or private information, a paper shredder is a must. CNBC recommends purchasing one that is strong enough to get rid of things like CDs and credit cards as well. It is also a good idea to get a shredder with updated safety features, notes the source. 

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