5 types of fans to consider using in your home this summer

5 types of fans to consider using in your home this summer
From desktop fans to box fans, the right design for your home depends on several different factors.

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Fans are essential to staying cool in the summer, and there are a variety of types available to make sure you and your family don't break a sweat as the temperatures start to climb.

From desktop fans to box fans, the right model for your home depends on several different factors, such as the function and size of the room where you'll be using it . To help guide your purchasing decisions this summer, here are the details on five types of fans to consider purchasing:

1. Pedestal fans 
Want to feel a soothing, quiet breeze as you sleep? Or do you love a gentle flow of cool air as you relax on the sofa and catch up on your favorite shows? Then a pedestal fan is the pick for you. Our range features fully adjustable fans with tilt-back heads that ensure you can enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze at just the right height, whether you're getting some shut-eye in your bed, kicking back on the couch or sitting at the kitchen table.

Three speeds and wide-area oscillation ensure strong, satisfying air flow without distracting noise. Our 34" Compact Power Pedestal Fan extends air to 65 feet, while our 16" Classic Metal Stand Fan has an oil-rubbed bronze finish to make it an eye-pleasing addition to your space.

2. Box Fans 
If you need to cool down your home at a low cost, then box fans are a smart option. Many of our models cost less than 2 cents per hour to run, providing high-performance air flow at a great value. There's no assembly required – simply place the fans wherever you need to keep things cool, such as the living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen. And with a range of colors from retro red to fun purple, they're sure to fit right in with your decor.

3. Tower fans 
Studio apartments, dorms, entryways and other small areas where space is at a premium will benefit from our tower fans. They're built with a small base and narrow design – our ultra-thin 48" 4-Speed Tower Fan with Remote Control will fit in even the tightest of spaces so you never have to sacrifice comfort. Tower fans with built-in air ionizers serve double-duty, helping keep the air inside your home fresh and giving you even more bang for your buck.

4. Window fans 
Our window fans are easy to use, providing fresh, cooling air flow in a variety of spaces. Our selection includes models that feature reversible air flow functions as well as adjustable thermostats so you're always in control of how you cool off. And with multiple sizes available, you can find the perfect window fans for your home.

5. Desktop fans 
It's a rough experience trying to work at your desk on a sweltering summer day! Ease the pain with our desktop fans, which provide big comfort in a small, streamlined package. They're a convenient way to cool down, quietly generating a cool breeze without being distracting. They're great picks for small spots like tables and counters, too.

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