Keep warm in your home office with an electric space heater - Created April 16th 2014

If you’re one of millions of American workers who work from home at least part of the week, the comfort of your home office means more to you than it does to someone who uses it just to browse the Web or pay bills.

Use space heaters as a warming alternative during chilly early spring - Created April 11th 2014

The piles of snow have finally receded in your backyard, but for all those breezy, warmer afternoons in early spring, there’s likely to be a chilly evening ahead when your home needs extra heat. 

Warm up a cozy spot with a personal heater - Created April 9th 2014

Sometimes, you want to be warmed just enough to be comfortable in a corner where you read, enjoy a hobby or do paperwork in your home office.

Learn about your home’s circuits to run space heaters safely - Created March 11th 2014

Have you ever experienced a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse in your home? This is not uncommon when too many appliances, like a microwave and a toaster oven, are being used at one time on a single circuit.

Are space heaters pet friendly? - Created March 10th 2014

When you have a pet, there’s always one word you keep in mind: safety.