Social Responsibility

Bringing great products to market is a responsibility in corporate citizenship. Lasko takes this responsibility very seriously and is committed to the communities and customers it serves.

Lasko is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing and supply chain processes. Lasko consistently strives to achieve the highest standards in reducing its carbon footprint and waste in the manufacturing process through energy efficient technologies, recycling programs and the use of recycled materials.

Lasko and its affiliates will not work with any suppliers that engage in human trafficking and/or slavery. Lasko’s retail partners conduct audits to verify that all labor at our suppliers’ factories is voluntary and that there is no child, underage, forced, indentured or prison labor at these facilities.

Lasko will support any policies that restrict and/or eliminate the use of any export of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from conflict-affected mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries with identified presence of armed conflict, widespread violence or other human risks, also known as “Conflict Minerals”. For more information about our commitment to a conflict-free supply chain, click here.