Stay Cool. Save Money

Beat the Summer Heat with Lasko!

Lasko fans can help you cool down, save money, de-stress, and even help get the chores done faster.  All that from a fan?  Now that’s cool!

Take action to get comfortable this summer with Lasko.


Small-Space Cooling Tip:

If you’re tight on floor space, a Lasko table fan with an extended comfort zone is a great alternative. Use it on a table, a shelf, or wall unit to direct air around the room using its oscillation feature.

Lower-Your-Stress Comfort Tip:

Create a quiet, relaxing breeze to cool you while you work or study with a Lasko Desktop Tower Fan.

Max Cooling Tip:

Use two Weather-Shield box fans in windows on opposite sides of the room. Face one toward the living area and one toward the outdoors. Even on low speed, you now have your own wind tunnel.  How cool is that?

Speed-Drying Tip:

Need a high-powered air stream to quick-dry a mopped floor, wet carpet, or even a painted wall?  Use a pivoting blower fan by Lasko.  Once you own one, you’ll wonder how ever you lived without it.  This is one powerful air stream with so many uses.

A/C Booster Tip:

Did you know that a Lasko fan can help you save on your air conditioning costs?  The key is using the power of the wind chill factor.  Remember that from January?  Simply turn up the whole-house thermostat, boost your A/C circulation and create a wind chill with the fan, and get comfortable.

Simple Saving Tips from Lasko
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