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Living in an urban area can present unique challenges. Check out this list of essentials to help you get through city life.

3 essentials for city living


Living in an urban area can present unique challenges. Check out this list of three essentials to help you get through life in the city.

1. Comfortable shoes 
City life is all about walking. Even if your home and job are near public transportation, chances are you will be running to catch trains and standing during your commute quite often. Make sure you own comfortable shoes that allow you to do all these things with ease. If you work in a formal setting and cannot find a pair of heels suited for the job, carry them in your purse and wear flats during your travels, suggests

2. Proper family gear 
Raising children in cities is no easy task and it will only be harder if you are not properly equipped. There are certain strollers designed for city streets and subway systems. Typically, these are lighter and easier to maneuver. Mamas Network also suggests purchasing a portable baby seat to bring with you to restaurants. Since city life involves a lot of dining out, it is a good idea to make sure you are ready when you encounter an eatery without child seats.

3. Room humidifiers
Apartment building heating and air conditioning systems can be overpowering and dry out the air in your home significantly. recommends using a humidifier to keep your skin and furniture from drying out.

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