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Choosing the Right Room Fan for a Bedroom

Choosing the Right Room Fan for a Bedroom


There are several different things you’ll want to consider when choosing a room fan for your bedroom. First, think about why you want to have a fan in your bedroom. The obvious reason is that you might be too warm in your room. Most bedrooms are on the second floor, and it’s always a little bit warmer on the second floor of your home than it would be on the first floor. Many people also like to sleep with white noise, so you might want a fan running as you’re falling asleep. Those are two of the most common reasons for wanting a fan in a bedroom.

So what are some of the top features to look for in a bedroom fan? One is obviously going to be safety. You want a fan with a fused safety plug to shut the fan off if there is damage to the cord or some other safety problem. If you are putting a fan in a window, you want a Lasko Weather Shield® box fan – engineered just for that use.

Another important feature to look for is a timer. You don’t necessarily want your fan running all night, because it can be a safety concern. With a timer, you can set it to have the fan run an hour or so after you go to bed, keeping cool and comfortable as you fall asleep and then safe for the rest of the night. Also, if you are pulling in air from a window, over the course of the night the outside temperature may drop. You may wake up at 3:00 A.M. and find it’s now freezing in your bedroom because the fan is blowing on you and the temperature outside has dropped significantly overnight. A timer on a fan is an excellent feature.

For the same reason, remote controls are another really popular feature for bedroom fans. As you’re maybe watching television or reading in bed, and the fan has you nice and comfortable, you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the fan off. You’ve got your remote control to help you control it from your bed.

Noise level is always a concern; some people like the hum of a fan for white noise while they rest while others will want a fan that’s really quiet. Multiple speeds are essential for a bedroom fan. You might want a high velocity speed to cool down the bedroom quickly when you first enter the room, but once at rest you may want a calming low speed. It’s ideal to choose a fan with variety of speeds to meet your needs, regardless of how you might be feeling.

As for which type of fan might be best for a bedroom, consider either a pedestal fan or a tower fan. A pedestal fan would an excellent choice for a bedroom because it gives you the opportunity to tilt the fan head back and create a more indirect air circulation pattern, so that it’s bouncing the air off the ceiling and the walls and not necessarily blowing directly on you. This helps you keep from getting over-chilled or feeling “windblown.” Pedestal fans also have oscillation to cover a wide pattern and can be adjusted in height to meet your needs.

Tower fans are very quiet and space-saving. These designer-style fans come in a variety of sizes and often feature added options such as remote control, oscillation, and timer for convenience. Some even have ionizers for air freshening. So those are a couple of very good options for bedrooms.

If you’re really limited on space, table fans and tabletop tower fans also fit the bill and have some of the same features as well.