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Get prepared for fall allergies: Part 1 [Video]


Hello and welcome. As you may know, allergies tend to be seasonal. While some people spend their springs sneezing, others start hoarding tissues in the summer. As fall quickly approaches, it’s important to know what the allergy risks for this season are and what you can do to keep your family healthy and happy. 

The most common allergen that thrives in the fall is ragweed, a plant that produces pollen rapidly and in large quantities. In fact, just one ragweed plant can send 1 billion grains of pollen into the air over the course of a single season. 

Mold and mildew often appear during the fall because of condensation from summer humidity and lack of home upkeep during the warmer months. Mold can cause reactions in people who aren’t necessarily prone to outdoor allergies, so be vigilant about spotting moldy areas. 

Thanks for watching. Tune in soon for more on this topic.