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Get prepared for fall allergies: Part 2 [Video]


Hello, and welcome back to our discussion on fall allergies. Last time, we touched upon how ragweed and mold are two of the most prominent allergens that appear during autumn. Now, let’s see what you can do to prevent adverse reactions and keep your home healthy. 

First, always monitor your area’s pollen count by checking local news sources. If the count is extremely high, consider staying indoors so you don’t have an allergy attack. Additionally, ask guests to take their shoes and coats off upon entering your home. Place air purifiers around the house to combat any spores that may have been brought in by the clothes and hair of visitors. 

To stop mold and mildew in their tracks, keep an eye on areas of your home that have been exposed to moisture. When you see the first signs of mold, start cleaning the affected areas on a regular basis using vinegar or an anti-mildew solution. 

Thanks for watching!