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When the weather gets warm and the days get longer, it's time to move your parties and entertaining outdoors!

How to have the ‘coolest’ outdoor parties this summer



When the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s time to move your parties and entertaining outdoors! There’s nothing like relaxing on your patio with friends and family, a barbecue spread on the table and a refreshing drink in hand. The right set-up and decorations can help ensure that your backyard is the place to be all season long.

Here are some tips for having the “coolest” outdoor parties this summer:

Create some ambiance
Outdoor entertaining is all about creating a fun, festive and relaxing ambiance, and it’s easier than you think! String lights are a must have for backyard spaces and patios – white bulbs make a classic statement, while colorful lanterns or lights in quirky shapes like stars create a more carefree look. Or mix and match, if you feel like it! Other must-have items include comfy lawn chairs, balloons and bright tableware.

Cool off
Even as the sun goes down, the temperature can still be hot and stifling. Ensure that all your party guests feel comfortable on your patio or in your backyard with our outdoor fans. They create a gentle oscillating breeze to keep guests cool, and feature a stylish design.

And if the summer evening is especially sweltering, bring out the Misto® misting fan. Simply attach it to a standard garden hose and then sit back and relax as you enjoy its refreshing mist flow.

Have lots of food and drinks on hand
Don’t be caught without enough snacks or soda for your guests! Decide on a main course, like burgers and hot dogs or grilled seafood, and make sure there’s plenty of small bites available for munching before and after, and a good mix of sweet and salty eats. Drinks should be crisp and ice-cold – keep bottles or pitchers submerged in a jumbo-sized cooler or even in a small kiddie pool filled with ice.

Focus on fun
Outdoor activities can make your party even more fun. If you have a pool, set up water volleyball, polo or an inflatable basketball hoop. On the grass, you and your guests can play classic games like bocce, cornhole, limbo and horseshoes.

Keep bugs at bay 
Nothing ruins an outdoor party like a swarm of insatiable mosquitos or other pesky warm-weather bugs. Outdoor fans play a dual purpose in addition to keeping you and your guests cool – their breezes also help keep bugs away!

Be sure to take full advantage of outdoor entertaining this summer – with these tips, you’ll have the “coolest” parties on the block!

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