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How to Pick a Fan for Your Dorm Room

How to Pick a Fan for Your Dorm Room


Fall semester is rapidly approaching – are you ready for dorm life yet? As all college students are aware, those first several months of the semester can be extremely hot and uncomfortable, regardless of whether or not your dorm room or apartment is equipped with air conditioning. Because of this, dorm room fans are a must on the back-to-school list for college. To help you get started on your shopping, here are a few things to consider when purchasing dorm room fans.

Safety First

Dorm life requires a firm grasp on safety. You have probably already been informed that you are not allowed to have candles or hot plates in your room, amongst other things. With so many students living in the same building, it is essential for the safety of yourself and others that you take safety seriously when picking out a fan for your dorm room or apartment.

It is a wise decision to select a fan with excellent safety features, such as one with a fused safety plug. If any potentially hazardous electrical fault is detected by your fan’s fused safety plug, all electrical power will be cut off to the fan in order to prevent any safety hazards such as a fire. Also, not all fans are made to be used in a window. If you are putting a fan in a window, a Lasko Weather-Shield® box fan with an isolated motor is your best bet.

Consult With Your Roommate

Before you rush out to buy dorm room fans, it is a good idea to chat with your roommate. While you both surely agree that your dorm room or apartment will require a fan to stay comfortable, you must also be mindful that dorms contain a very limited space. Talk with him or her about the furniture and other items that they will be bringing, and consider how much space will be taken up by both of your things. If it’s determined that the majority of your floor space will be otherwise occupied, it may be in your best interest to select a Weather Shield box fan to sit in your window, or to select another compact fan from Lasko, such as a desktop tower fan.

Keeping Cool

  • If your dorm room has no air conditioning – You will want to increase air flow as much as possible and draw cool air into your space while keeping hot air out. In this case, a box fan is great for a dorm (remember to only place box fans in the window if they are Lasko Weather-Shield). These fans can exchange air and boost air circulation in your space. Consider also finding a fan with different speed settings to keep you comfortable whatever the temperature.
  • Dorm room with air conditioning – Dorm room fans are still useful if you have air conditioning. A fan will keep the air from getting stale, and it can give you a little bit of a “wind chill effect” to keep you comfortable. When you have a lot of people in your room, a fan can keep everyone chilled. You don’t need as much power, so you might look at a smaller, desktop unit or even a personal clip-on fan for your desk.

There’s no reason to sweat it when buying dorm room fans! When you stick to these tips, you will keep your cool as you head back to school.