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Periodic cleaning keeps electric fans operating at their best


Your electric fans have probably gotten quite a work out this summer and face more warm days into the fall, depending on where you live. After providing great service to you this summer, it’s time to clean the fan parts so they can keep working at optimum strength.

Fans have several advantages over using air conditioning alone. They can run in conjunction with AC, then continue to circulate cooled air after the air conditioning is turned off. Or, fans can be operated by themselves to create a cooling breeze and circulation that prevents hot air from building up indoors. That means they’re put through their paces repeatedly and should have regular maintenance.

Different fans require different types of cleaning, but in all cases consumers need to start by doing something very important – unplugging the fan. After that, the  units can be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions, but in all cases the motor should never be touched.

Specific models
Typically, blower and tower fans are the simplest to clean. The units shouldn’t be opened for safety reasons, so all the cleaning can be done with the fan casing intact. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove lint and dirt from the intake grills, use a can of compressed air to blow dust off inner fan blades, and you’re done.

You’ll have to disassemble the front and back grills on pedestal, wall-mounted and table fans to remove the blades. Both the grills and blades can be washed with mild detergent and water. Other casing parts can be wiped with a damp cloth. Before reassembling, all parts must be completely dry.

To clean box fans, unscrew and remove the front grill to expose the fan blade. Each blade can be removed easily by rocking it gently from side to side to loosen and pull it off. The blades should be wiped with a damp cloth, then reassembled when they’re dry.

The way to clean pivoting floor fans depends on the model. Standard floor fans can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth, but higher powered models, such as Lasko’s Wind Machine, Breeze Machine, and Cyclone may require the use of a vacuum with brush attachment to remove dust build-up.

Consult our FAQs section on our website for more information, or check the manufacturer’s directions to clean your electric fans properly, but never allow water to come into contact with the motor.

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