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Turn your backyard into an oasis: Part 3 [Video]


Hello there, and welcome back to our final video about transforming your yard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams. So far we’ve talked about different ways you can spice up your outdoor space. Now, let’s turn our focus to keeping things cool and comfortable.

The point of sprucing up your yard is to spend time there, so you don’t want to let hot summer temperatures keep you from enjoying it. Make sure to create a few shady patches throughout the area, using awnings or umbrellas to section off cool spots for when the sun gets too bright. 

Additionally, try incorporating Lasko’s Outdoor Living Fans into your space to keep temperatures cool and circulate the air. Not only are these appliances effective, but they’re stylish as well, so they’ll be sure to add an element of sophisticated design to your yard.

Thanks for watching!