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What you need in your first apartment: Part 1 [Video]


Greetings. Whether you’re a college student moving off campus or an adult looking to take the next step toward independence, getting your first apartment is an exciting time. And while having your own space is liberating, living on your own for the first time is also challenging. You may be looking at your new home like a blank canvas, unsure where to begin. 

First thing’s first. You’re going to need furniture. If you’re living with a roommate, discuss how you’ll furnish the shared spaces, like the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Consider dividing up major purchases, like the couch and television, so one person isn’t stuck paying for expensive pieces. 

If you’re living alone, decide on a budget for each room before hitting the store. Nothing’s worse than creating a dazzling bathroom only to realize you don’t have enough cash left to buy a bed!