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When Are Pedestal Heaters the Best Choice?


Portable electric space heaters have long been a dependable supplemental heating choice for the energy and comfort conscious, and those small marvels continue to evolve in both design and efficiency. Case in point: Lasko’s line of high-quality ceramic pedestal heaters.

Lasko pioneered pedestal heater design and has been the industry’s exclusive manufacturer of these patented, tall pedestal heaters. These upright beacons of toasty comfort have become a trendy consumer choice. There are quite a few good reasons why:

  • A pedestal heater focuses heat differently than other heaters – even tower heaters. A tower heater pushes heat from floor level to the top of the unit, producing heat up and down a long vertical range. That heat can be nice on the feet, but often doesn’t provide focus on sitting or standing height. On the other hand, pedestal heaters literally elevate the heat output to where many consumers want it most. The ceramic heater itself sits on a pedestal several inches high, focusing precious heat so that warmth is easily felt on the hands and torso. In fact, while many tower heaters are less than 24 inches high, most pedestal models reach 30 inches or more.
  • Pedestal heaters are excellent additions to spaces that have several pieces of furniture, because they’re tall enough not to project heat directly into surfaces like upholstery that would simply absorb warmth, rather than allowing it to circulate about the room.
  • Lasko pedestal heaters use thermostats, which make heating a room to precisely the right temperature easier than ever. Many are also equipped with remote controls, representing ultimate convenience.
  • Lasko pedestal heaters represent advanced portable heater technology, and one model is now available with Lasko’s exclusive “Save-Smart” feature. Save-Smart is an energy-saving feature exclusive to Lasko which allows consumers to put the heater into a cost-saving mode with the touch of a single button.

Stylish Lasko pedestal heaters are ideal for any space where you’d like to avoid projecting heat directly into low-standing items, where you’d like to concentrate heat at seated height or just for cooler spaces where you’d like to be able to stand near a comforting heat source. Taller than most tower heaters, a Lasko ceramic pedestal heater is the very best at getting that heat up high. No matter your choice of models or designs, you’ll be assured of the kind of innovation and quality only Lasko can deliver, and you’ll be all the more comfortable for it. Find out more about the advantages of Lasko ceramic pedestal heaters here.