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Placing fans in the right spots can help improve their effectiveness and keep you cool during the summer months.

Where to put your fans for maximum effectiveness


Summer is here, and that means heat. Whether it is caused by the sun or the sticky humidity, you can expect warmth as a near-constant companion over the next few months. On one hand, this weather is amazing because it means pool time, beach or lakeside afternoons, and lots of days with the windows open. On the other hand, few people enjoy being too hot.

You need a way to enjoy the best of summer while minimizing its less appealing qualities. One surefire method is fans. Everyone knows that fans can make you feel cooler on a warm summer day. However, most don't ever think past that. Bringing in a fan almost always helps, but there's more to it–you have to know where to put it.

Begin with a plan

Fans come in many shapes and sizes, meaning that it isn't a one-model-fits-all mentality. Before you purchase a fan, take a moment to look at your room. How big is it? How tall is the ceiling? How many windows are there? All of these factors can influence which fan you purchase. You should even be aware of noise. For instance, cooling off the bedroom is all well and good but not if the fan interrupts important rest.

Luckily, Lasko understands how this information can matter, and we try to give you the most relevant data possible right on our website. This way, you can understand exactly what you're buying, and find the best places to shop for Lasko fans, before you make a purchase.

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Go for the cold
A basic science lesson is that cold air is naturally heavier than warm, meaning it will sink to the area near the floor while the hot air occupies the higher space. If you have a room with no breeze, this is how the temperature will settle 100 percent of the time. The good news, however, is that even cold air is relatively light and easily influenced by outside sources. Placing a fan in a room will disrupt that balance and can force the cooler air to go where you want it to be.

However, fan placement matters. Apartment Therapy recommended placing a fan so that it faces the opposite wall. This approach will drive the air into the surface, where it will bounce off, mingling with the rest of the air and cooling the space. Ideally, if lower temperatures are your main goal, you may want to choose a fan that's lower to the ground so that it scoops up all that refreshing chilliness along the way.

Keep an open airway
Of course, none of these tips matter if you have a table or sofa in the way. Fans are most effective when they have an unobstructed pathway in front of their blades. Do your best to give your fan this path so that it may carry the air farther, increasing its effectiveness in your house.

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