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Why clean air is crucial: Part 3 [Video]


Hello, and thanks for tuning back in to our series on how clean air affects your health. Now that you’re well aware of the risks associated with breathing in pollution, let’s explore ways you can improve your home’s air quality to keep your family healthy and happy. 

When cleaning, always finish by using a mop. While vacuuming can suck up many irritants and dust particles, mopping will finish the job by soaking up anything that got left behind. Only use plain water, as many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can make your home’s air quality even worse. 

Additionally, put door mats at every entrance of your home. Pollutants, chemicals and pesticides can be absorbed into the dirt and live on people’s shoes, so encourage guests to give their footwear a good shake before they come inside. 

Thanks for watching. Tune in next time as we conclude this series.